16 Families Who’ll Never Forget This Christmas Thanks to the Crazy Gifts They Got for Each Other

Next year, when you’re trying to surprise your family members with something special, try a couple of ideas from our article.



My 6 year old got tattoo markers for Christmas and disappeared for half an hour.

My uncle being funny

A X-mas card I made for my brother

Bought my dad a lego Porsche. He was more excited than I thought he would be.

My mom made this for me


When I’m in charge of wrapping presents

I surprised my girlfriend with Elton John tickets for Christmas, wrapped it in a more creative way

My mom and her new bike on Christmas morning

Told my family not to get me anything, so they put this on my present


My husband turned an old clothing steamer into the perfect Christmas gift for our Luigi-obsessed son

My grandparents gave me this t-shirt

Recieved this from my aunt

My daughter always steals printer paper to draw on, so for Christmas I wrapped a pack of 500 pages of paper. She said it’s the best present

Made this for my mother in law

I love to travel so I got my own suitcase


For Christmas I got my sister a fake ID for her cat

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