16 interesting facts on India, that You had no idea about

The beautiful diversity in landscape, the different season, more  than 1600 languages spoken and 1/6th of the world’s population lives here – that’s India for you. There is a lot more to discover about this unique country, so we collected 16 interesting facts and reasons, to show that India is truly special.



India has six seasons, instead of four.

In India there are 1600 spoken languages.

Schools collects plastic waster instead of money.

Honking is alright, they signal if they want to pass them.

The green cover across the world have been decreasing, but in India it has risen.


Men hold hands and hugging is way to show the friendship between them.

The number of people who travel in India every day is equal to the population of Australia.

Everything is very inexpensive – cup of coffee for 0.20 USD, and a night in a hotel is 15 USD.

India has the lowest per-person meat consumption in the world – there is vegetarian food everywhere. Even at McDonald’s.


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