16 Mysterious Finds That Baffled Their Owners So Much They Had to Ask the Internet for Help

Technology is developing so rapidly today that even the devices that were created just 3-4 years ago are totally outdated. Obviously, this also applies to the everyday things people used in the previous century. Regular people are very unlikely to figure out what something is or how to use it, especially if they have no context for the item itself.



What is this ?

It’s an old fire alarm.


Found this weird thing.

Chamfer spokeshave for woodworking. It takes the sharp edge/corner off.


What is it?


Casagrande cup for testing the Atterberg limits.


Metal (copper?) inlay on hotel room shelf? What does it do?

It’s for putting your keys on when you walk through the front door.


What is this thing in the middle?


It’s a soap dispenser.


Found this in the kitches section of a thrift store.

It is a pastry cutter.


What is this?

It’s an antique clock without a face


Why is that spoon so weird?


It’s a “proper” soup spoon.


What is this wooden box that resembles a telephone?

This is a primitive tinder box (a device for starting an open fire) and it was widely used before matches were invented.


I thought it was bike racks, but the door couldn’t open if bikes were hanging there

It is a Kayak or surfboard holder.


What is this case for?

It’s a hat case.


Are to other ones pins as well?

Yes. These are collar pins.


Got this fork in a restaurant in Tokyo.

It’s for pulling lumps of food off skewers


What is this ?

A sipping cup for mineral water, which Karlovy Vary is rather famous for.


What is this?

This is a darning egg with room for storage for some thread


What was this weird spoon used for?

It is a bombilla, a straw for drinking mate.


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