15 People Who Finished the Repair but Missed One Important Detail

It’s actually not that difficult to renovate a home by yourself. However, those who’ve dared to take this step are well aware that things are totally different in reality and even the tiniest detail might be fatal when it comes to your perfect repair.



It’s nice to have built in appliances but don’t forget about the other room.

Evacuation exit with an obstacle

I don’t think this was a great idea.

Neither was this one.

This sink looks like it’s dirty.


Nobody will know about this secret room.

When you want to look modern.

The longer you look at this shower, the more it seems that something is wrong with it.

My girlfriend’s view from the bed of our hotel room…


You forgot about one thing.

Is this The Sims?

I don’t belong to this world.

Thanks for nothing.

It’s not a mirror, it’s a doorway.

The sink you actually can’t use


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