16 People Who Look Like Copies of Their Family Members

Growing up, we were told that we have our mom’s eyes and our dad’s nose (or vice versa). In some families, special birthmarks, unusually shaped fingers, or eye color can get passed down from one generation to the next. There are also some cases when the entire appearance, from the face and hair to everything else, look strikingly similar.



I look exactly like my father.

My dad and me and me and my daughter.

My daughter has the same curly hair as me.

My grandma and me

Me and my daughter at the age 3


On the left is my husband in 1992 on his parents’ truck. On the right is our son and our truck

My father and me

Me and an updated version of me – my son.

My mother and me at 25


Me and my daughter.

Me and my son

My mom on the left and me on the right.

My mother and me

My dad at 30 and me at 30

My mom and me at the same age.


My mom and me.

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