16 People Who Thought Their Jobs Couldn’t Surprise Them Anymore, but They Were Wrong

Every next day seems to be exactly like the one before it, when you’ve worked in the same place for a long time. And in order not to get overly bored, you can try doing what some internet users did. They were able to find something funny and unusual about their boring jobs and share their finds with the world, improving their mood and the mood of other people.



My coworkers are weird.

“Once, I needed to measure the size of the space between the fake ceiling and the real one. And this is what I found…”

“I work at a small coffee shop. My boss just absent-mindedly poured unroasted beans into a batch of roasted ones. Here’s us separating 10,000 beans… By hand.”

This is how a leak in the ceiling got repaired at our office.

We have a new candy machine at work.


Wasn’t impressed.

This is how my coworker arrived to work today.

“It’s cold this morning so my coworker showed up in this.”

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