16 Photos proving that chivalry still exists

Men who are willing to do courteous and romantic things for women do still exist. Fortunately, they don’t have to participate in duels anymore, but there are some who get up early in the morning to go get some croissants for their wife or ones who just help a completely unknown girl who got herself into an awkward situation. I think you will like this post.

A train driver helping a passenger


“I’m out having dinner and this woman outside was being blinded by the sunset so her date propped a menu behind his head, inside the collar of his shirt, to block the sun from her eyes.”

“I heard this in the morning, ‘Baby, a rabbit ran by, come here now!’ I got up from bed and saw a path with chocolate eggs that led me to a bunch of tulips.”

“My mom bought individual eyelash extensions and the glue for them and now my dad has been sitting there gluing each eyelash on my mom and listening to her music for over an hour. If that ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.”

“I am a single father and a dirty mechanic, but every time I get my girls they paint my fingernails.”


“Here’s the engagement ring box I made. Our first date was watching Jurassic Park in an empty auditorium. It’s laser cut with magnets to hold it closed.”

“My fiancé who’s an electrician built this box for me to solve in his proposal to me! He wrote a corresponding poem that gave me the answers to the 4 challenges. I said YES!!!”

“When I was in the hospital I was sobbing at this couple. He eventually let his wife use him as a pillow while she waited.”

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