16 Photos Show the Power of Time and Remind Us That It Flies By So Fast

Scientists claim that many-many years ago there were only 18 hours in a day. And now our days have grown to be 24 hours long. We might not be able to see this transformation, but we can still look at the changes that happened to people, places, and even money over time. And all of them are here in our article.



2005 vs. 2020

20 years apart

21 years apart

My grandfather in 1944 vs me at the same place in 2014

“We kept the shirt for 21 years for this photo”


40 years difference

28 years difference

23 years apart

When I was about 2 years old I got a little teddy bear and now, nearly 40 years later, my kiddos still sleep with Toby


14 years apart

72 years of love

Me and my grandad, 55 years apart:

27 years apart

A picture of my dad and I sharing the same moment, 35 years apart

30 years difference


10 years apart

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