16 Photos That Show What It Means to Be a Mother

Taking care of your offspring is a real job without any breaks, weekends, or vacations. Unconditional love and unlimited patience unite mothers from all over the world. But animal mothers aren’t that different from human ones.



Motherhood consumes you.

I rescued these puppies off the street and my dog immediately became a mother to them.

You can admire your own child forever.

Excuse me, can you stop touching them?

“I made them!”


Moms always protext their babies.

The whole fam together.


Hygiene is important!

When you’re about to drop you offspring


They grow up so fast

He finds it very funny .

Playing together is so much fun

I made it! I made them!

My cat is clearly quite scared of the motherhood

My cousin’s wife is a vet. Today, she helped this cutie give birth


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