16 Pics That Prove Life Can Be Scarier Than Any Horror Flick

When we dim the lights, curl up with a warm blanket, and watch our fave horror film, we are sort of ready to get scared. But sometimes life is better at creating horror plots than any Hollywood scriptwriter, and it creeps you out when you least expect it.



My dog looked so agressive with those teeth but then I realized that he was only holding a chew in her mouth.

First thing I see in the morning are these two laughing at me.

My friend’s cat likes to catch lizards… This one didn’t give up.

When your mother-in-law serves you a piece of cake.

Wife and I went out one night and came home to my son sleeping like this. Should I be worried?


I work graveyard at the mall alone, and this was in the middle of the floor at 4 a.m. this morning.

Almost lost it when I opened the trash.

When I try to relax:


Tried out these octopus pancakes for my son the other day but they turned out quite … hypnotized?


Someone please call the Exorcist!

When you want to let others know what will happen if they wake you up.

My dog loves this toy too much.

This thing scared the hell out of me getting into a customer’s car today.

How to scare your wife:

My daugther thought it would be funny pretending to be a ghost in a hospital.


I found a little ghost in my tea.

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