16 Sassy Examples of People Quitting Their Job in an Original Way

Losing your job doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Many people are happy to turn in their 2 weeks notice and even make a spectacle out of it.



This is how you do it

How I turned in my 2 weeks notice

I quit my job at the gas station.

This is how I’m leaving the griddle for them in the morning.

I felt that this would be a polite notice.


Although my co-workers liked the cake, my boss wasn’t impressed.

Like this dinosaur, I’m soon to be extinct.

I hope my boss likes my notice.

The cake I brought to work the day I quit.


When it’s not your problem anymore.

Friend’s official resignation letter for Bank of America

My sister quit her job at McDonalds after 7+ years

I framed this picture and gave it to my boss.

Don’t forget to set an auto responder.

Last day cake’s are the best thing ever.


Me and my co-worker left these on our tables

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