16 Simple rules for dads to avoid mistakes when raising a daughter

Be her father during the entire week and not just on the weekends.


Most likely, you go to work, and your wife stays home with the child. And in the evening, after a long and hard day, you often just don’t have any energy left to be a father. But the thing is, your wife is probably running on fumes too. So, yes, fatherhood, just like motherhood, is a 24/7 job.

If her mother goes to the swimming pool with her, go with them.

Don’t be shy, even if there are no other fathers. That’s their problem. It is really important for a father to take part in big events, like going to the swimming pool. Besides, knowing what your daughter’s foot size is, what her clothing size is, and other little things, will be really helpful.

Politely refuse if she asks you to marry her.

At some point between when she is 3 and 6 years old, she might ask you to marry her. Politely refuse. A father is the first man a girl demonstrates her femininity to. The older she becomes, the more often awkward situations happen. Fathers often feel shy, so they distance themselves and this can affect a girl’s self-esteem.

Teach her self-control and discipline.


This is what a father teaches. And according to psychologists, the games between fathers and daughters are very important moments in a child’s life. Fathers are obeyed more and their rules are respected more. Daughters give their fathers special treatment both because of the gender differences, and because a father’s attention is usually at a deficit (they spend a lot of time at work and they are at home way less often).

Don’t be shy to kiss her.

Don’t be afraid of looking too sentimental — expressing your feelings is good for psychological health. Both your daughter’s and yours. React to her successes the way your heart tells you to and not based on gender stereotypes. There is nothing wrong with smiling when your daughter draws a flower for you.

Do the things that don’t necessarily require physical power.

Fathers are usually treated as the people who can open something impossible, lift something extremely heavy, or the one to brave the night run to the pharmacy. But in fact, the range of father care is (or should be) much wider. You can comfort your baby in a hospital after a vaccine, help choose toys at a shop, and try to cool down a hot meal. There is no way that your daughter can do it without you!

Treat your daughter as an equal.


Listen to her when she has something to say (even if she still can’t talk). Don’t ignore her. Let your daughter demonstrate her love and affection. Don’t suppress her negative feelings, don’t give orders, and don’t threaten. In other words, just be a human being, rather than a strict overseer who just grumbles all the time.

Carry her on your shoulders.

Do it while she’s not too heavy yet and your back won’t hurt. And if your daughter is too little, don’t be shy about using a backpack or a sling. Experts have proven that the connection between a father and a child becomes stronger this way.

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