12 Times Nature Wanted to Amaze Everyone but Got a Bit Carried Away

Nature will never cease to surprise us with its diversity and incredible living creatures that boast the most outlandish colors. Some of them are so wonderful, they seem to have come from another dimension.



This is a long-eared jerboa.

This is a Saiga antelope

These panda-ants are largely spread in South America.

Cassowaries live in tropical forests

The glass frog is remarkable due to its transparent body


This is a narrow-headed softshell turtle

The okapi looks like a horse, giraffe, and zebra hybrid.

This is the largest flyin birdin Africa named Kori bustard

This is a mantis shrimp


The greater sage-grouse has a fluffy, white collar and 2 yellowish sacs on its chest that are inflated during courtship display

This is a proboscis monkey

This is a Madagaskar native called aye-aye

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