16 Times People Wanted to Buy Something Cool Online, but All They Got Was Disappointment

Life is full of surprises, especially the unpleasant ones. For example, when you order a pair of sneakers online, and you receive a suit that looks like sneakers.These situations prove the fact that internet shopping is always a lottery that most people lose. Check out these funny situtations .

“My friend bought sneakers off eBay and this is what he got instead.”


“Don’t buy veneers online.”

They forgot to send his happiness.

This turnd out quite differently than I expected.

It is a little bit smaller than I expected but whatever my dog likes it.


“What I ordered vs what came and how it looks like after 1 wash”

Be careful with those sexy dresses.

“My mother bought a swing set from Amazon… She said this one cost $17 and the other one was $22.”

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