16 unusual maps that show a different side of the world

Here are 16 unusual maps which will make you see the world completely differently. They can be used to find out a lot of new information not just about our planet but about those who live on it — us. We invite you to take a look at these maps to learn a lot of fascinating things.



The world divided into seven regions, each with a population of one billion

Average hours worker/week

A map of cities founded by the Roman Empire

The North Pole



Countries with the MM/DD/YYYY format

Median age per country

Blue – Sunday, yellow – Monday, green – Saturday; the first day of the week

Australia’s climate


EU population below the poverty line

Time zones

Highest temperature ever recorded in EU – till 2018-

More and less emotional people

Number of billionaires per 10 million people

Each section has 10% of the world’s population


Countries that don’t use the metric system




Az oldal sütiket használ Több info

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