17 Absolute Geniuses Whose Creativity Can Nail Any Problem

The people featured in this article have experienced all kinds of problems and somehow managed to survive. Turns out, all you need is a creative mind and nothing more.



My little cousin was being bullied for his big ears so I fixed them for him

How to keep track of your turtle

The greatest motivation to study.


When you want your kid to be an artist.


I FaceTimed my Playstation so I could play in the bath.

When you really don’t know what your craving.

We need this kind of information.

Staying at the airport overnight


How my roommate irons his shirt.

When you get sick of the same questions.

My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes

When you hate washing dishes

DIY selfie stick

Genius idea


My mom is always complaining about the smell in my teenage brother’s room. This is his solution

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