17 Awkward Situations You Wouldn’t Want to Find Yourself In 24 1 37 6

Here are some photos of awkward situation we hope you never find yourself in.



At least it didn’t get on her shirt.

My 3-year-old kid told this man at McDonalds that his pants are falling down.

“I was at work and I was so upset that someone left their dog in the office, so I went to play with it. I din’t realize that it’s a statue.”

“I was super excited to get my yearbook. Turns out, out of all 153 submitted forms for the personal questions part, they only lost mine.”

A guy lost his shoe because the door on the subway closed.


When you are packing for a trip and this happens:

When you’re not enjoying the date:

Why do these things happen to me?

My wig has a grey hair…


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