17 grandparents, who will do anything for their grandchildren

When different generations met and bond it’s one of the best thing in life. Some grandma’s and grandpa’s love is so strong, that they will do anything for their grandchildren. Riding a roller-coaster? Done. Wooden cradle? Same. Knitted dresses, gaming together, wearing costumes together? Done, done and done. They do it all, and we need to be grateful for that.



Grandpa made an amazing cradle.

Knitted Infinity Gauntlet from grandma.

She drew a picture about her dream dress, and *boom* grandma made it for her.

To infinite and beyond!

Registered on Tinder, with this picture.


Having fun is not behind age restriction.

Full support.

Matching shirts from grandma. 9 months vs. 684 months.

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