17 Hilarious Coincidences That Couldn’t Have Been Scripted Any Better

Coincidences can be absolutely amazing. Some people see something mystical about them, whereas some think that they are totally accidental. No matter what we believe, we have all witnessed coincidences that seemed as if they had been totally planned by someone.



These guys don’t know each other. This wasn’t planned. This is a total coincidence.

Have you noticed that none of the basketball players are touching the ground in this photo?

Found her.

What is this print?



Pefrect time perfect place

Noticed this during our lunch break the other day.

The cookbook I got for Christmas has the same plates as I do

My grandma and her friends had the same outfits on a wine tasting evening. They did not plan this.


My rabbit has a rabbit on his nose.

Was this meant to be?

A paw on my cat’s paw.

The first time my friend visited my apartment, her mind was blown that my shower curtain looked ‘exactly’ like her shirt.

Do we look similar?

This is quite scary.


Perfect parking.

Even Kylo hates back to school shopping

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