17 Hysterical Photos Proving the War Between the Sexes Does Exist

In theory, we all need to work on our relationships carefully. However, in practice, we rarely show patience when our partner doesn’t wash their dirty dishes or eats junk food. Alas, many habits people bring into their family life can be so offensive that eventually, their house can turn into a battlefield.

We just hope that couples consider the peculiarities of their partners with a healthy sense of humor.


 “I asked my boyfriend to put the wash out to dry and came back to this.”

 “This is how my boyfriend put away Jenga.”

 “Someone opened a new tube of toothpaste when a half-full one was right there.”

“My husband put his pants right beside the laundry basket instead of just into it.”

“My wife literally said, ’don’t move,’ then snapped this picture of me.”

 “A 10-year argument with my wife is finally over.”

Social media is a constant cause for arguments.


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