17 People Reveal Their Loved Ones’ Weird Habits

We can’t hide from the truth and have to admit that everyone has their own quirks. It’s just that some people have more of them, while others don’t show them as much.



My husband doesn’t want the case to get scratched

We all know that one person.

This is how my GF opens bread

My dad takes a small bite of every cookie and then puts them back because he doesn’t like them.

How my BF watches TV


I think my brother want to kill me

My girlfriends refuses to eat the ends of fries.

These people only ate the fish .

My dad doesn’t care about the silverware system


How my fiancée eats pizza

My friend’s desktop background is super chaotic.

Welcome to our household.

Should I divorce my husband?

My boss is physically incapable of pointing at the screen without touching it

My girlfriend refuses to eat the ’crust’ off a pancake.


Found this in the fridge today. Someone is crazy in this house.

My dad has had this laptop for 4 years and he’s still refusing to take the plastic protector off

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