17 People Who Looked at the Irony in Their Lives in 2019, and We Should Too

2019 brought unpredictable things for some of us, but we managed to look at them through the magnifying glass of irony.



New baby, recently retired, just married, me

Bought this shirt on sale.

I guess I’m the employee of the month.

No one told me about this issue when getting glasses.

Found in my grandpa’s office


We recently moved to New England from the tropics. Our dog still needs to get used to this weather.

Wasps made a nest on my wasp spray bottle

Cleaning became so much more complicated since I have a child.

…the same reason this card is destroyed.


What marrying a farmer looks like.

I was on my phone when suddenly my dog decided it would be a good ide to sit on my head.

Just got my wife a new phone because of a broken screen on the last phone. Seems like she can not take care of her belongings.

My side of the closet vs My wife’s side… We moved in 6 months ago.

My watch is telling me that I rapidly need to lose weight.

My coworker wanted to see me lose my mind?


My husband bought us the same socks. Since they’re not the same size, laundry day is a nightmare.

My husband’s reaction to Christmas shopping.

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