17 People Who Totally Don’t Care About the Laws of Logic

How often do you get confused when a stranger or one of your friends does something that defies common sense? Well, he’s not the only one.



Apparently, she’s holding on like this in case of an emergency evacuation.

Neville. Neville Longbottom would do it. You should read the books.

Sure it won’t fit? Let’s try at least.

Sometimes dreams come true.

Gordon Ramsay would be proud of you.


There is no doubt that the cargo will be delivered safe and sound.

You don’t have a bookmark? Use a taco. That is a real photo of a real book found on the shelf for returned books in the library.

“My sister tried to make a positive message for blind people. In Braille this says, ‘when it rains, look for rainbows.’”

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