17 People Who Tried Their Best to Take a Cool Photo but Failed

Today, people take dozens of photos every day and oftentimes, their attempts are unsuccessful. However, sometimes you press the button not even suspecting what will happen in the next second. It may result in a cat or dog photobombing your shot, a monkey squeezing into a tourist’s camera frame, or someone’s else’s camera flash making it into your photo.



The moment you realize that you ruined an engagement photo.

My dog photobombed my view.

I took a picture in the exact same moment someone took a picture with the flash on and it cut my picture perfectly in half.

My daughter didn’t enjoy her first year photoshoot.

My daughter is so supportive in my fitness journey.


“Best dad goes to:”

Trying to take a ’5-month-old’ picture and the dog jumped in…

Still my favorite picture of me and my brother — my grandpa caught the moment just before my tears perfectly.

This monkey also wanted to be in the photo.


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