17 People Whose Logic Is Too Weird for Us

As soon as people stop following logic, true chaos starts — designers go insane, people start creating crazy things, and coming up with unbelievable inventions.Here are some examples:



Nice human cosplay!

Is this a sink for hummingbirds?

This is how to wear a hoodie.

Why is my watermelon foaming?

This escalator will never break down!


Flower shaped urinals

My friend is storing his cello at my place. It’s fun.

When you love food too much.

This looks painful.


Safety first!

Only skinny people allowed,

When you really need to make a phone call:

What is that supposed to mean?

I think we need to clarify the meaning of the word “vegetarian”

Why did they spell out hepatitis?


Lets just put this bench right here.

Inside out cup.

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