17 Photos Showing That There Are Only 2 Types of Girls in the World

In order to perceive information easier, people subconsciously divide big groups into small ones in their mind. Here we compared two groups of girls. Don’t take it too seriously though, this post is meant to be taken with humour. Obviously, there are not just two types of girls, everyone is unique.



You either have a day long photo session with a Christmas tree and presents, or you simply enjoy the holiday.

You use Instagram to either show off or just for fun.

You either have a drawer full of makeup or you just use a two year old mascara and a lip balm.

There are two types of bouquets.

And two types of stockings.


It’s up to you if you want to be a sleeping beauty or just sleep in a supercomfy overal.

In a selfie you can either show your amazing body or you personality.

In terms of manicure : all or nothing.

3 different emotions