17 Photos That Are More Dramatic Than Any Soap Opera

Many of us would like to have lives like in the movies. But few people want to live in a Brazilian soap opera, where one dramatic scene cuts to another. But, unfortunately, anyone can end up in a situation like this. The people this article is about are the examples.



Meet Liam. He spent $200 to take me out to eat. He’s the best friends ever!

I had a little argument with my wife. I won.

I guess my seminar about loneliness will be quite lonely.

Being rejected 4 times by the same girl feel like :

Me showing my impressive Pokémon collection to my family.


Waited in line for this rollercoaster for 2 hours, and when I finally got to the front, they said I was too tall

My pillow after a break up.

I wanted a haircut just like on the picture on the left. Instead I got the one in the right.

Hope she’s enjoying the date.


I finished at work, went to unlock my bike when I saw this.

Well, at least he tried.

This book signing was not as succesful as I expected.

My dad clearly did not care that it was my birthday.

I’ve been following this dog for 15 mins and it still hasn’t noticed me. Just like women.

“Please, never get a girlfriend, so we can stay friends forever.” And this is how I got friendzoned.


My friend had almost finished it and then this happened.

My daugther sat there upset and when I asked what’s wrong she said she didn’t want to be a mommy anymore because her baby wouldn’t listen

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