17 Photos That Prove Cats Never Get Tired of Trolling Humans

Cats spend 70% of their life sleeping, the rest of the time they spend being naughty. Anyway, we tend to forgive them for any mischievous or bold thing they do, while their funny faces keep making us smile no matter what mood we are in.




This is how my cat likes to sit.

Bought these for halloween and now I have a problem finding my real cat.

How my cat finally returned after 2 weeks.



When you meow back.

My cat stole from our neighbors.

At the beginning she was really shy but now she feels comfortable.

Cuteness overload.


My sister bought our cat a hat.

So photogenic!

Next, please.

I installed a camera to find out why I can’t breathe in the night.

Searching for something yummy.

“I kept wondering why the grass was flat.”


My mom made chocolate caramels, and our cat added her own twist on it.

This cat snuck into her owners’ luggage.

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