17 Photos That Prove Pets Are Becoming More and More Like Their Owners Every Day

There is some truth in the fact that pets and their owners eventually start to share similar personality traits over time. Sometimes, our little friends take off their “animal” disguise and start to demonstrate some “human-like” behavior.



My wife and our cat are like twins sometimes.

Chilling at the pool together.

Enjoying lunch with your BFF.

Partners in crime.

Cats in raincoats.


I guess he said YES too

Taking me to the grocery store.

Admiring the view together

So far, they suspect nothing.


He has his own personal seat, helmet, and aviator goggles:

You have to look elegant at your owners wedding.

Best friends

My daugter dressed like our dog.

Safe to say this is the most tolerant cat in the world.

They like to sit the same way


My cat sitting by the fireplace like my grandma

She likes to listen to slow rock ballads during thunderstorms

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