17 Photos That Prove the Art of Design Is Not for Everyone

They can be purchased items or homemade inventions, but the truth is that the design of real estate is not a skill that everyone has. There are decisions that don’t seem to make any sense and that makes us wonder what was going on in the head of the person who conceived them.



This schoool’s computer lab.

What is this for?

This is completely useless.

This looks chaotic.

One half is better than none.


Why can’t I use that side of the stairs?

When there are too many black tiles left over.

You had one job. To find a good place for the projcetor.

In the middle of my living room.


This door at my college that gets cut off by the ceiling

This hurts my eyes.

Take a seat.

What is the purpose of this?

This bathroom has no sense.

I have a lot of quiestions.


This pillar looks like it wants to run away.

Couldn’t they have put it in the middle of the mirrors?

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