17 Photos That Take Us on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia promotes optimism, inspiration, and creativity. It can even raise our self-esteem, according to a study. So sometimes it’s important to break away from modern reality and plunge into the world of a pleasant and nostalgic past.



The best place to relax:

The cooles roller skates in the world.

Don’t get fooled! If you pull the fum , you’ll get shocked by electricity.

Even back then, we had wireless mice. But a special device was needed for connecting them.

This bad boy drove us to school every day.


100x better than computer games.

These were everywhere

Every boy dreamed of having this ball.

Yo-yo tricks were the real flex


We very rarely sharpened pencils with drawings, so we wouldn’t destroy the drawings.

The real spotify

Back then fast food was a rare speciality.

Girls hasd millions of these in their hair.

Only 1.4 MB of information fit on a floppy disk.

McDonald’s had the cooles playground.


This brings back so many memories.

Never gets old.

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