17 Pictures That Prove There Are 2 Kinds of People in This World

Pouring milk first, then cornflakes; squeezing the toothpaste starting from the top; putting ketchup all over your food; keeping your phone on silent mode 24/7 — or all of this but vice versa — are all simple, everyday things that we all may do a bit differently. Thus, all people can be divided into 2 categories.



Ketchup up or down?

There are only two types of girls:

Milk or cereal first?

How do you use your toothpaste?

Nervous and relaxed drivers


Hershey’s Kisses

Two approaches to notifications

2 types of dieters?

How do you mark your pages?


Not everyone likes butterflies

Choose your tool Nutella lovers.

The toilet paper dilemma

Two types of alarm clocks

How do you eat your sauce?

One passion, 2 ways


2 ways to treat that sweet tooth

We all know that person who has their phone on silent since 2003

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