17 Pictures That Prove Time Goes by Too Quickly

While it sometimes takes things or people a couple of years to see the difference time brings, others need longer. And time doesn’t stand still — it keeps moving — changing everything in its path.



Friends – then and now

Obama family in 2005 and in 2015

15 years of an amazing friendship

Mom and daughter

The gang grew up


My mom holding me 1979, my mom holding my daughter in 2019.

Dad and son

Grandma and me 19 years later.

Bridesmades then and now.


16 years apart.

On the left it’s a 29 years old stuffed toy and on the right it’s a brand new that I’ve recently found

My uncle and me, 20 years apart.

35 years of friendship goals

My great-uncle and I, 24 years apart

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