11 Cats That Have Developed Into Something Else

There is an opinion that cats, unlike their foe the dog, are not very smart. It’s also really hard to teach them anything and they are often hostile toward people. But in fact, this is not enough of an argument to make us believe that cats are not intelligent. It is very likely that they just don’t like to be submissive and when nobody is watching them, they can do a lot of crazy things!



“My cat is having her weekly FaceTime with her best friend Zoey who used to live next door.”

My cat has a spa day in the sink.

Addicted cat.

“Trained my cat to stand. Now she won’t stop.”

Nothing unusual here, it’s just a cat riding a dog.


“My cat couldn’t get to his litter box because the toilet door was left closed one night, so he spilled the litter bag himself and pooped on it…”

“My cat drags his blanket around the house until he finds the perfect spot to take a catnap.”

My cat loves to ride in the car.

My cat loves to eat dinner with us every night.


My cat brings me chicken wings from outside.

He can pay for himself.

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