14 Animals That Had a Surprise in Store for Their Owners

After living with our pets for years, we get used to their unusual habits and actions. But even the wisest pet owners aren’t always ready for the surprises that their 4-legged friends have in store for them.



He’s huge.

What is happening here?

I bought my granddad a puppy.

I’m a middle school teacher. My dog escaped from my house and figured out the way to school today.

I was looking for my cat.


She tried to eat a wasp.

Dogs like vegetables too.

Don’t tell me it wasn’t you!

Caught him falling.


My friend lives above a punk bar and sent us this pic of her dog and the regulars.

Adopted this cutie.

Kisses for leaves.

We adopted a puppy that was a ’toy terrier which won’t grow anymore.’ Something went wrong.

Someone’s watching you

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