12 Annoying Things We Need to Stop Doing on Planes

Fellow passengers can sometimes turn your few hours of flying into a living nightmare.So, it’s best for all of us to be more considerate of the people around us and stop doing things that might be taken as rude or annoying in order to have a pleasant flight.



Putting your feet all over the place.

We understand that during a long flight you can get uncomfortable but this does not excuse you. Putting your feet all over the place is annoying because you are invading someones personal space and you are making it difficult to move for them. So this is perhaps the rudest thing you could do.

Turning off the air-conditioning over you seat

The low temperatures in the airplane keep bacteria from spreading all around and also prevent you from getting a cold or the flu. When you turn the air-conditioning off above your seat, bacteria find it easier to survive.


Wearing shorts during a flight.


To start off, airplanes are not cleaned between flights and since most germs, mites, and bacteria reside in the chairs, you are exposing your skin and possibly areas of your body to several dangers. Secondly, when people are crammed into a small space, it can create discomfort because of bad body odor.


Falling asleep right before take-off.

Right before take-off, flight attendants demonstrate all the safety information you need to know during the flight. And despite the fact that flight emergencies are rare, it’s important for your own safety to know these rules. In addition, it’s disrespectful to the flight attendants who are taking the time to show you what to do in case your life is in danger.

Ringing the flight attendant button.

The button is there in case of an emergency only, like if you aren’t feeling well, the person next to you falls ill. So please don’t get over excited.


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