14 People Who Didn’t Let Their Sense of Humor Get Taken by Snowstor m

Some people love all the cozy ways of warming up. Drinking hot chocolate, crawling into a bed, and snuggling up next to someone while watching a movie. Some people go beyond this and have actual fun.



My uncle seeing snow for the first time.

Jazzed up the mailbox

My boyfriend and me: Love made him lose himself

Enjoying the fantastic weather.

Do you wanna build a snowghost?


My dad decided to “do something” with all the snow we’re getting!

Natural scanning machine.

Snowmen are boring.

Just like the Cars movie.


What a cool bed!

Snow bunny didn’t see the wall.

I made a snow angle!

Have fun with it!

If you’ve ever wondered what Poseidon does during winter…


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