17 Photos That Show the Funny Truth About Family Life

Family is not just about love and support, it also includes a lot of fun and some unbelievably funny situations.



Even heros have fears.

My sister wasn’t too happy about my interpretation of her upside-down ultrasound.

How to freak out your sister.

Making fun of a pregnant woman.

Finally caught this cup in action


I got her a door shelving unit for Christmas.

How to embrass a family member at the airport.

My cousin’s take on “a potato dish” for thanksgiving

Every year I get my family a Christmas gag gift based on my dog.


The best present for every family member.

I can’t believe this is the only picture I got when my mom took me to a professional photographer.

My mom’s husband is a pilot, so he wraps all his gifts in old flight maps.

My brother hates strawberry ice cream so I left him some

My wife is getting back in shape doing planks all over the house. Today I came home to this.

My dad forgot to put the spacer back onto the machine when cutting my hair


When your son tells you that your speech can onnly be one page.

Emily, the honest one.

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