17 Pics Showing That There’s Never a Dull Moment in Australia

Australia has every climate known on Earth, from rainforests to alpine areas.  It’s a country with feral horses, wild camels, and animals seen nowhere else in the world.



An unusual visitor.

It was so hot today my shoes melted.

No wonder the birds weren’t using the bird bath.

An extremely Aussie sign.

The weather can get a little confused sometimes.


This is a mantis shrimp

You have to be careful because cockatoos like to steal people’s pies.

The quokka is the little buddy you never knew you needed.

Emus are super photogenic!


Australia embraces its dark side.

Toads use pythons as buses.

This bug is almost the same size as the kid.

Spiders are very hardworking there.

Even worms are huge.

This reminds me of Frozen.


Perth, Western Australia turned one of their main city streets into a massive waterslide.

These guys greet me every morning .

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