15 Priceless Hacks From Pro-Level Parents That We Want Right Now

So, if you have 2 children, this is for you!


Cut foam pool noodles and use as door bumpers to prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors.

When making ice cream cones for the kids (or yourself) put a marshmallow at the bottom before adding ice cream. It stops any drips that may leak out from the bottom of the cone.

In order to make a baby sleep calmly, one inventive mother recommends making a pillow using a flannel blanket, putting rice inside, and heating it in the microwave. Then put it next to the baby while they’re sleeping.

Another option is to do it with a glove.

It is extremely important to reward your children for successes.


Don’t spend a fortune on a portable bed, sew 4 pillow-cases together, insert the pillows and you have a bed for all purposes. It’s also easy to keep clean since the pillows just slip out and the covers can go in the wash!

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