17 Things That Can Make You Want to Drop Everything and Go to Japan

Japan feels like a country that has a little something for everyone, whether it’s sushi and Sailor Moon, neon skyscrapers and imperial palaces, or the people who make up the country. After all, a nation made up of 6,852 islands has a lot to offer.



Corgi butt buns

Just by planting different types of rice, the Japanese made their own Roman Holiday.

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is the cutest animal on the planet.

Japanese fans are cleaning up their own mess

On the bus people leave the seats automatically for the elderly


Japanese bathroom signs

Ōkunoshima has a huge population of feral, but friendly, rabbits.

There’s also an island with friendly deer.

Japanese school lunches


And japanese hospital food.

Cats are not allowed to ride bikes.

They have all kinds of earplugs

In Japan there is traditional and modern things side-by-side.

Japanese school kids cheer up a baby on the train

It’s natural for japanese people to keep ther streets clean


Step up your Pringles game with their Beef Bowl flavor.

Japanese people really like to experiment.

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